Hayley Noelle LeBlanc, known by the Bratayley community as Hayley, is one of the three children who form the Bratayley trio. She is the youngest daughter of Katie and Billy LeBlanc and the younger sister of Annie and Caleb Logan. The family live in Maryland and have an apartment in LA. She was born on September 2nd, 2008. Like her older sister Annie, she is a gymnast.

She has a personal YouTube channel that is currently called Hayley LeBlanc. It was previously named elleoNyaH. She also has Snapchat and Instagram accounts (superhayley and Hayley LeBlanc, respectively).

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, Bratayley was created as her personal YouTube channel before ending up as a family-oriented channel.
  • Hayley is part of 3 shows on the YouTube channel Brat: Mani, Afterschooled and Chicken Girls.
  • She is friends with Txunamy and Piper Rockelle.
  • The term "Bratayley" was created from the word "brat" and her name because she used to be a brat.