• Her Real Name is Hayley Noelle LeBlanc
  • Hayley's Channel is used to be Bratayley but it became into a Family Vlogging Channel.
  • Hayley has changed her channel name 3 times it was SuperHayley7, ElleoNyah and Hayley LeBlanc.
  • She has two siblings named Annie and Caleb.
  • Hayley is 4 years Younger than Annie.
  • Hayley is now 9 years old born on September 2 2008
  • Her Older Brother named Caleb passed on 2015 at age 13 from Hypertrophic Cardiomyapathy.
  • Hayley doesn't often make videos YouTube everyday so as Instagram.
  • Both her and Annie used Caleb's Number as their lucky number.
  • Her Account is SuperHayley7
  • Her Pet Bunny is Frisbee.
  • Her Sister Annie used to be in SevenAwesomeKids!
  • Her and Annie used to be in a channel called OMMyGoshTV But quit to focus on making videos with their parents.
  • Hayley is born in the afternoon!
  • Hayley was only a Level 3 Gymnast when she quit Gymnastics.
  • Hayley's Favorite YouTuber is Alisha Marie!

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