Bratayley first met KittiesMama in Washington D.C. and they’re really nice to them. Annie loved hanging out with Emma and Caleb enjoys having fun with Jonah and Noah, but he mostly hangs out with Jonah. KittiesMama also joined Bratayley for the Nintendo Commercial in Los Angeles. They also had Meet & Greets together along with EvanTubeHD. Unfortunately in the present today, KittiesMama and Bratayley are too busy to see each other again, but I hope they reunite.


Bratayley first met EvanTubeHD at Disneyland for their Meet & Greet with KittiesMama. They had fun together and they get to spend time together. Bratayley still hang out with EvanTubeHD, but they only saw him during the LEGO Dimensions competition.

Jojo Siwa:

Bratayley first met Jojo during her 13th birthday party in 2016. Jojo loved Bratayley, and she loved Hayley because of her cuteness. Jojo also went to their gymnastics meeting and was taught how to do gymnastics by Annie and Hayley.