Chicken Girls is a TV show by Brat, a Youtube network channel. Annie plays Rhyme, the main character and a girl who loves dancing with her friends, but everything changed since TK(played by Hayden Summerall) is dating another girl, her friend Ellie(played by Brooke Butler) is busy on her music with her boyfriend(played by HRVY), and her other friend Quinn(played by Riley Lewis) joined PowerSurge, a rival team of Attaway High, but she came back due to Luna(played by Aliyah Moulden), the captain of PowerSurge, keeping Quinn on PowerSurge and away from her old friends. Hayley only appeared in a few episodes and she played an unnamed character who is Rhyme’s little sister. The season finale ended up with Attaway beating out PowerSurge at the dance meet, and Rhyme and TK making hard choices to choose between their new boyfriend/girlfriend or each other. There is a rumor spreading that there’s a season 2 coming up and I’m pretty sure it will come up, because I don’t like sad endings.

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