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Bratayley is a popular family vlogging YouTube channel. Starring: Caleb, Hayley and Annie. These adorable kids share their life. Annie and Hayley are in gymnastics and Caleb plays baseball. The kids recently started homeschooling. The YouTube channel "Bratayley" was originally made for Hayley but it ended up being a family vlog channel[1].  

Every day at 7:00 pm Eastern time/4:00 Pacific a new vlog is uploaded.  

Caleb Logan was born July 13th 2002[2][3]. He has a channel called blazenoutlaws and he usually uploads Minecraft videos. Caleb is the Monday spot on a YouTube channel called truthplusdare also ran by Bratayley. On truthplusdare every week they get a truth and they get a dare and they have to do the truth and dare. Caleb wants to be a gamer when he grows up. His favorite colors are black and purple.
Welcome to the Family00:32

Welcome to the Family

Julianna Grace was born December 5th 2004. Her nickname is Annie.[2][3]. She is a level 6 gymnast currently training for 7. She originally started out in her YouTube channel called acroanna which she posts gymnastics meets and tutorials. A little later she got a Wednesday spot on a channel called SevenAwesomeKids, a collaboration channel. Annie left SAK because of gymnastics. Annie's favorite food is fruit. Her favorite color is blue and a favorite movie is The LEGO Movie. She wants to be an artist when she grows older.

Hayley Noel was born September 2nd 2008[2][3]. Originally this was her channel but they decided to make a family vlog channel.The channel name "Bratayley" actually come up from combining words of Brat and Hayley. Hayley is in gymnastics mini pre-team. Hayley's favorite movies are Teen Beach Movie, Turbo and The LEGO Movie. Her favorite colors are white and purple. She wants to be an artist just like her older sister! When Hayley's hair is straight she calls herself Molly. She is currently a level 2 in swimming.

They have one pet at the moment, a boxer named Piper. They had five other pets that sadly passed away, last year Lynx (cat), Toshi (french bulldog), and their two guinea pigs named Charlie and Angel. On April 1st 2014, Caleb and dad came home surprising other kids with a new french bulldog puppy(later named Rylie), on April 15th 2014, when she was almost 5 months old, she suddenly passed away as it is common for french bulldog puppies to start aspirating and die.

Katie is Hayley's, Julianna's, and Caleb's mother.

Billy is Hayley's, Julianna's, and Caleb's father.


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