''Bratayley" is the main channel of the Bratayley team. The owners of the channel is the Leblancs. Who are the Leblancs? They are a Ms. Katie, Mr. Billy, Hayley , Annie and Caleb.


This channel was intended to be made for Hayley, because Caleb and Annie already had their own channels, but as it got very popular they decided to change it into a family vlogging channel that uploads everyday. Edit

They say it's Hayley's channel because the name "Bratayley" is a combination of "Brat" and "Hayley". They do vlogs everyday to document their lives. Edit

Unfortunately, on October 1, 2015 at 7:08pm, Caleb Logan LeBlanc died unexpectedly at the age of 13 because of a rare heart condition but the family continued vlogging, stating that they were going to "celebrate life" and still miss Caleb everyday. Edit

They currently have over 4 million subscribers. The channel mainly features vlogs hosted by Annie, Hayley, and Katie and Billy (whom are the parents of Annie, Hayley and Caleb). Edit

They have family channel series like BKB and Bratayley makes history. They have other channels like The Arrow Faction (which as of 1st October, 2015 has stopped uploading videos because of the death of Caleb, the boy uploading the videos). Edit

Annie's channel called Annie LeBlanc, formerly acroanna, and Hayley's channel called Hayley LeBlanc, formerly Elleonyah.Edit



Bratayley's first video on youtube:

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