Julianna Grace LeBlanc (Annie LeBlanc) was born on December 5th 2004, and she is a level 9 gymnast. Annie is training for Level 10. Did you know that she skipped level 6 in gymnastics?Annie can be seen on Bratayley (4.7M subscribers), Gymschool,(239.8K subscribers), and her self-titled YouTube channel, Annie LeBlanc(2.1M subscribers) Annie sayed she doesnt want to go to the olympics when shes older. She prefers to go to Gymnastics College (UCLA)

Annie was born in Augusta, Georgia whilst her father was stationed there. Her brother, Caleb, unfortunately passed away at 7:08PM on October 1st, 2015. He was born on July 13th, 2002. Her younger 8 year old sister, Hayley, was a level 3 gymnast up until she recently quit gymnastics so she could start dance. Hayley was born September 2nd, 2008.

Her parents names are:

Mother: Katelyn Delise LeBlanc

Father: Billy Joseph LeBlanc.

Annie is not just a gymnast. She is a beginner at singing, and she is also known as a model. She recently made a cover of Alex and Sierra's (Little Do You Know), with actor and singer, Hayden Summerall. Since Annie has alot of Fan accounts in Instagram, shes not allowed to open or to see a message and not to respond a message because Ms.Katie thinks the messages could be innapropriate. Annie could only read the messages. Annie gets the most hate on There is a rumour that Hayden and Annie (Hannie) are dating but Ms.Katie allows Annie to date at age 18.

Annie's Social Media:

Instagram: annieleblanc

YouTube: Annie LeBlanc annieleblanc

Snapchat; annie.leblanc

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